CEA believes that each child is entitled to a thorough and efficient education in a safe and healthy environment.

CEA believes that all CEA members will help deliver a thorough and efficient education to each child and it supports their right to be provided with adequate resources and opportunity in order to accomplish this goal.

CEA believes strongly in the entitlement of all of its members to the best terms and working conditions available.

CEA is committed to advance and protect the professional and contractual interest of its members with utmost advocacy and service.

CEA supports the right of all members to be heard or represented on issues and interest that affect them.

CEA aspires to promote the highest standards of professional ethics among its members.

CEA is cognizant of changes bought about by reforms and technology and the organization’s obligation to advocate for training for its members to meet these changes.

CEA is fully committed to promoting professional growth and zeal for each member.

CEA believes that active member involvement or mutual support among all members, support and certificated staff, alike, is the foundation of the organization.

CEA recognizes the diverse but equal roles of all members and its commitments to utilize their talents as it advocates.

CEA is committed to equality, fairness, mutual respect, integrity, and collaboration among its members.

CEA believes that a well-informed governance and membership is vital to the success of the organization.

CEA fully recognizes that a sustained and pro-active membership growth is crucial to its own survival.

CEA believes that its leadership must be visible, accessible and accountable.

CEA is obligated to utilize its resources with utmost efficiency.

CEA subscribes to a collaborative strategic planning by it governance and membership.

CEA subscribes to a collaborative relationship with parents, businesses and the community.

CEA recognizes the dynamics of politics and the organization’s obligation to raise the political consciousness of its membership and to engage in political activities in order to save and promote public education and other CEA interests.